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Professional links

www.researchgate.net - Scientific network

www.ec.europa.eu - Research at the European Commission

www.efunda.com - The Online Reference for Engineers

www.nasa.gov - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

www.stle.org - The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

www.newscientist.com - Science Magazine

www.sciencemag.org - Science Magazine

www.apscience.org - Association for the Promotion of Science and Innovative Knowledge

www.tribologia.org - Polish Tribology Society (in polish)


The Tribology Research Laboratoires

www.mech-eng.leeds.ac.uk - University of Leeds

www.ltds.ec-lyon.fr - Ecole Centrale de Lyon - LTDS

www.hardcoating.eu - Coating Engineering Division

www.itee.radom.pl - Radom Institute for Terotechnology


My former institutions

www.liv.ac.uk - University of Liverpool

www.leeds.ac.uk - University of Leeds

www.ltds.ec-lyon.fr - Ecole Centrale de Lyon - LTDS

www.centrale-innovation.fr - Centrale Lyon Innovation

www.ec-lyon.fr - Ecole Centrale de Lyon

www.p.lodz.pl - Technical University of Lodz


Personal links

www.mathia.net - Thomas MATHIA home page - Biggest personality I have ever met

www.mensa.org - Mensa International

www.nationalgeographic.com - National Geographic

www.viamichelin.com - Michelin Travel Planner

www.howstuffworks.com - How Everything Works

www.britannica.com - Encyclopedia Britannica

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